Institute for Aging Research (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Institute for Aging Research (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)


Aging has a biology, and this biology drives age-related diseases (Geroscience). We at Einstein have demonstrated that the biology of aging can be targeted in experimental models to delay, stop, and in some examples, reverse manifestations of aging.

Our overarching Mission is:

  1. to make scientific discoveries in geroscience, leveraging on the expertise in our center in studying and targeting the pillars of aging, and
  2. to confirm their relevance of new findings to human aging through the unique Gero-human resource created in our center and
  3. to translate interventions proven relevant for human to drug discovery efforts.

The Institute for Aging Research is the home of two aging centers of international recognition. The Nathan Shock Center of Excellence, focused on the study of the biology of aging and the Einstein Paul F. Glenn Center solely dedicate to understanding the biology behind human Aging.

The Einstein Institute for Aging Research’s multidisciplinary scientific investigations into aging unite faculty with diverse scientific backgrounds and technological expertise to focus on three areas:

  1. Macromolecules, intracellular organelles, cells, and tissues
  2. Molecular physiology, nutrients, & energetics in whole-animal models
  3. Genetics and genomics of aging in single cell animal models and aging humans
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