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Who are Biogerontologists ?

Biogerontology is the study of the biological basis of aging and age-related diseases. Biogerontologists are the brains working in this field. Are you interested yet? Click below to explore this in more detail.

Why join the Geront community?

Geront, unlike other social platforms, is a hub of geroscience content. We provide an ecosystem in which we can all grow together – Whether you are a student, researcher or even an industrialist. 

Meet new people all over the World.

Have you ever felt lonely in your field of interest? Is biogerontology never a topic of conversation in your daily interactions? Well, worry no longer – Here at Geront, you will find thousands of people who share your conviction.

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Make groups and work towards the same goal.

Make groups based on your specific research interests, country, university – Anything appropriate. Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with positive people.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”

Never miss a Biogerontology event with Geront’s Events calendar!

Undoing Aging, RAAD fest, Metabesity…..It can be hard to keep track of every ongoing event in the field.  If you wish to be a participant or applicant, we present details of every upcoming event. This can include summer programs and even Ph.D./Postdoc application deadlines.

And if you are organizing anything related, submit it now to increase your reach.

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