Institute of Ageing Research (Hangzhou Normal University)


Institute of Ageing Research (Hangzhou Normal University)


The Institute of Ageing Research is a professional scientific research institute established for studying mechanisms of ageing and related diseases with vigorous supports by Hangzhou Municipal Government and Hangzhou Normal University in 2011.

The Institute carries out innovative research with modern experimental technologies for biological roles and mechanisms of human bodies and processes of ageing. The Institute vision is by revealing the biological foundation of ageing and the occurrence mechanism in ageing-related diseases through original and pioneering research, we will shed light into the nature and control mode of ageing process for means and methods in intervention of pathological ageing and diseases.

The Institute hosts ~30 doctoral researchers and holds >74 million RMB of government research programs and projects. The Institute has established a series of platforms for scientific research, including model animal research platform, flow cytometry analysis and sorting platform, cell culture and cell engineering platform, molecular pathology platform, microscopy imaging system, proteomics analysis platform and other state-of-the-art and modern medical and biological research system, occupies a space of >3000 square meters in modern research laboratory and precinct.

With outstanding scientific research endeavors and advanced technology platforms, the Institute focuses on the following four aspects of ageing problems:
  1. Stem cell ageing
  2. Brain ageing and neurodegenerative diseases
  3. Cardiovascular and metabolic ageing
  4. Epithelial premature ageing and related diseases
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