Healthy Lifespan Institute (University of Sheffield)


Healthy Lifespan Institute (University of Sheffield)


The Healthy Lifespan Institute at the University of Sheffield comprises more than 120 leading researchers from across four faculties, led by the medical and social sciences, with a unique focus on improving health across the life course by preventing multimorbidity – the presence of two or more chronic health conditions – and age-related frailty.

Ageing is a major risk factor for multimorbidity and the world is ageing fast. Our increased understanding of how ageing drives the development of age-related diseases, or morbidities, means that we can now intervene to delay the negative health aspects of ageing by altering the social, economic, environmental and biological factors driving them.

Our expertise is wide-ranging, from age-related diseases and the underlying mechanisms of ageing to social policy and practice in key areas such as active ageing. Our mission is to apply this expertise, in close interdisciplinary collaboration, to design and test interventions throughout the life course to help everyone live healthier into advanced old age.

Our esteemed researchers are world-ranking – including among the top researchers in their fields globally – for the quality of their scientific outputs in age-related diseases, gerontology, healthy ageing, active ageing, and health and wellbeing across the life course.

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