Center for Research on Aging (University of Maryland)


Center for Research on Aging (University of Maryland)


The University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Research on Aging was established in 1998 under the leadership of Andrew P. Goldberg, MD, and Jay S. Magaziner, PhD, MSHyg. Dr. Magaziner assumed sole leadership of the Center in 2015 when Dr. Goldberg retired from the University of Maryland.  Since then Dr. Magaziner has continued to shape the Center’s directions and successfully expanded membership to 151 affiliates including 19 leaders from all schools across campus, UMBC, UMCP, and the Baltimore VA Medical Center. 

The Center coordinates research and research training in those areas of gerontology that transcend traditional disciplinary lines and are amenable to an interdisciplinary approach to critical issues in aging research. It interfaces with the University’s existing efforts in gerontology and geriatric medicine to develop research, educational and clinical programs that nurture and expand research and research funding in aging.

The mission of the Center is to:

  1. facilitate, amplify and enrich research in gerontology and geriatrics
  2. provide outstanding research training and educational opportunities in gerontology for graduate students and health professionals
  3. enhance delivery of excellent multidisciplinary geriatric care that prevents functional and mental disability in the elderly, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
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