Center for Neurotherapeutics Discovery (University of Rochester)


Center for Neurotherapeutics Discovery (University of Rochester)


The Center for Neurotherapeutics Discovery (CND) at the University of Rochester Medical Center brings together faculty from diverse departments, including Neurology, Pediatrics, Biomedical Genetics, and Neuroscience to carry out research directed toward this common goal. The research performed in the CND emphasizes basic and mechanistic research that forms the platform on which all successful translational and therapeutic interventions are created.

The CND is home to seven Principal Investigators (PIs) and brings together collaborative teams from across the Medical Center and River Campus to identify the mechanisms that lead to various neurological disorders, including HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder, myotonic dystrophy, stroke and cardiac arrest, multiple sclerosis, and developmental brain disorders including autism and epilepsy. Center faculty are also active in the creation of intellectual property and developing industry partnerships to fast-track existing therapies and create new molecules that affect these disease mechanisms.

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