Center for Healthy Aging (University of Copenhagen)


Center for Healthy Aging (University of Copenhagen)


Center for Healthy Aging is a research center funded by Nordea-fonden. We study how more people can have a healthy life and healthy aging. Our approach to research is interdisciplinary and the center studies aging and aging processes from cell to society.

Center for Healthy Aging is a network of research units, most of which are currently located at the University of Copenhagen and the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Ulla Wewer, has overall responsibility for the center. The other research units are based at the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as a number of hospitals.

The research in Center for Healthy Aging focuses on how more people can get a healthy life and a healthy aging. The research is interdisciplinary and looks at aging and aging processes from cells to society. The research provides knowledge which can form the basis for new approaches to prevention and health promotion for the benefit of the individual, family and community health economics.

The research is divided into three tracks:
  1. Modifiable pathways of damage and repair in aging
  2. Retirement and transitions
  3. Individualized health
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