Babraham Institute (University of Cambridge)


Babraham Institute (University of Cambridge)


The Babraham Institute is a world-class research institution, situated at the heart of the Babraham Research Campus, near Cambridge. Our mission is to be an international leader in research focusing on basic cell and molecular biology with an emphasis on healthy ageing through the human lifecycle.

Research at the Babraham Institute addresses fundamental biological questions of how cells and organisms develop and respond to the environment. A particular focus is how we age and studying the underlying mechanisms controlling this process, for example how older people respond differently to infection compared to younger people.

‚ÄčTo answer these questions we examine the regulation of gene expression, the control of cell function by signalling processes and changes in organ systems including the nervous system. We utilise model systems: yeast, worms and mice as well as studying human cohorts.

The Institute’s research is supported by strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council who fund our three core areas of research: epigenetics, lymphocyte signalling and signalling. The Institute receives additional funding from other bodies including the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and the European Commission. Funding is also obtained through research collaborations with industry and medical charities.

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