The Story Behind Geront


Quest of searching new ways to extend lifespan is not new. By advanced modern techniques and extensive research, this quest is no more fictional or mythological. These problems are now a concern to pioneers and even some Nobel laureates in the field of biology.

There is an increasing number who want to know more about the aging process and contribute towards this field. Still, due to a lack of knowledge and resources, they couldn’t start. There might be some people who are not from a biology background but find this problem significant and relevant; and have absolutely no idea how to proceed in this field.

“If You want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together”

When I decided to work on aging research, I didn’t know how to start.  Other than there were some videos on youtube, but they could give me only motivation and couldn’t show me the right path on how to start. References on the internet were either too primary introductory type or too advanced like specific research articles and journals. There were very few websites that had suitable information for me, but they looked so outdated.

So I decided to start a website where I could help people like me to pursue their dream project. I wanted to create an organization where like-minded people could come together and take biogerontological research to another level, which we call it a community. 

But after some time, I realized that I won’t be able to help newcomers alone. So won’t it be better if I could bring the whole anti-aging community at one place where they could interact with each other? Like a multidisciplinary platform where one’s background might be different, but the end goal is the same. The website you see right now is an aftereffect of that.

Biogerontologists are not the ones you talk with every day. Your goal is so unreal for a major number of people; they mock you and make fun of you. You thus need people who believe in your dream, you need a company of positive people, especially when you are a beginner. With these thoughts, I started building this website. Soon after a good friend of mine, Tushar, who is also interested in aging, joined me. Together, we are trying to push this research field forward. It will be a success for us even if we could motivate one student to choose bio-gerontology as his/her career.

You are most welcome to join us, and we will be highly obliged if you could write some content for our fellow biogerontologists that could help them.